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Everything we know (and don’t know) about Apple’s rumored iPhone SE 2



At this point, it’s starting look more and more likely everyday that Apple has a refreshed iPhone SE up its sleeve, likely launching sooner rather than later. However, over the past few months, there have been several contradicting reports as to what the so-called iPhone SE 2 will feature.

Read on as we attempt to make sense of all the iPhone SE 2 rumors and speculation…

In terms of what to expect, things can be broken down into three scenarios. One is a modest overhaul with features such as wireless charging, a glass back, and more. Second, it could be that the ‘iPhone SE 2’ is nothing more than a small processor upgrade to make performance smoother with iOS 12. The third, and perhaps the most unlikely scenario, is a major overhaul with an iPhone X-like design.

Possibility #1 |

The first possibility for the iPhone SE 2 is that we’re looking at a moderate overall, similar to what you might get with a traditional ‘S’ series upgrade.

A report in January suggested that the iPhone SE 2 will feature a glass back for wireless charging, similar to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. This would also seemingly make the iPhone SE compatible with Apple’s upcoming AirPower charging mat.

January’s report was corroborated last month, when a set of images claimed to show the iPhone SE 2 with a glass back in all of its glory. The overall design here is the same as the current iPhone SE, with the only difference being that new glass back. Note that the headphone jack was shown in these images.

Separately, a Macotakara report from last month indicated that the iPhone SE 2 would feature an Apple A10 processor. That report, however, also claimed that the iPhone SE 2 will ditch the headphone jack, but keep the overall body design of the current iPhone SE.

Dropping the headphone jack would mean Apple could tout the iPhone SE 2 as water-resistant, like it has done for other iPhones since the iPhone 7.

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Possibility #2 |

The second possibility for the future of the iPhone SE 2 is an internal update. Once rumors of an iPhone SE 2 picked up steam this year, KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo issued an investor note downplaying features such as a glass back or wireless charging support.

Kuo believes that, based on supply chain trends, Apple isn’t prepping a major iPhone SE 2 overhaul. The most likely scenario, according to KGI, is that the device will receive a moderate spec-bump in order to improve performance on the forthcoming iOS 12 update.

Kuo has a generally strong track record. It’s important to note that he monitors supply chain trends for his information. Thus, it’s likely that he hasn’t seen any signs of an impending iPhone SE 2 release through his channels – but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not happening.

More about the iPhone SE 2 spec bump update:

Possibility #3 |

Last but not least, there’s the possibility that Apple will give the iPhone SE a major overhaul, with an iPhone X-like design. This possibility really picked up steam this week thanks to a pair of leaks from case maker Olixar, who claims to have received detailed schematics from “Chinese factory sources.”

The device imagined here is akin to the iPhone X on the front, with an edge-to-edge display and notch cutout along the top. The rest of the device, however, is identical  to the current iPhone SE.

The big issue with this design, however, is how authentication is handled. The schematics show the notch cutout at just 1.87 cm wide, which one would think is too small to house Face ID components. Furthermore, with an edge-to-edge display, there’s no Home button and thus no Touch ID.

This week’s leaks weren’t the first time we’ve heard of the iPhone SE 2 getting a dramatic overhaul, though. The idea was first suggested by a leaked video in March, which claimed to show the device in all of its glory.

There’s a case to be made that the iPhone SE isn’t meant to be the ‘budget’ iPhone model, but rather one that is smaller in form factor for a certain segment of the market. Whether or not Apple thinks that way, however, is unclear.

While this possibility is certainly the most exciting of them all, it’s important to treat it with skepticism.

iPhone SE 2 release date |

It’s likely that the iPhone SE 2 is coming soon rather than later. Several reports have indicated a May or June release, meaning we could be just days away at this point.

Furthermore, a flurry of regulatory filings last month seemingly indicated that Apple has a handful of new iPhone models in the works. These filings were with the same Eurasian regulatory database that prematurely tipped off the AirPods, iPhone 7, new MacBooks, and iPad.

Typically, devices appear in this database about a month before shipping. Thus, with that report having been shared in April, the device could be announced any day now.

Wrap up |

As you can tell, there is still a lot of gray area surrounding the future of the iPhone SE. Personally, I would place my bets on possibility #1  – a moderate overhaul with some speed improvements, wireless charging, and perhaps a few other minor changes. While option #3 is certainly exciting, I just can’t wrap my head around it – much like my colleague Ben Lovejoy.

What do you want to see in the iPhone SE 2? What do you think is most likely? Let us know down in the comment section!

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Nomad unveils its latest 2,800mAh battery for iPhone



Nomad today announced the launch of an updated Battery Cable, which comes equipped with a slim 2,800 mAh battery to add a bit of extra juice to Apple’s iPhones and iPads.

The Battery Cable looks like a standard braided Nomad Lightning cable for the iPhone, but with the addition of a battery pack at one end that can be used for extra charging power when necessary.

Nomad’s 1.5M Battery Cable includes an integrated Nomad cable tie and support for passthrough charging, so you can charge up the battery while you charge your iPhone. Having the battery pack integrated into the cable is convenient because it ensures the battery is always full when you need it.

Compared to the original version of the Battery Cable, the new model has a higher capacity and a sturdier aluminum build.

Nomad’s Battery Cable can be purchased from the Nomad website for $49.95 starting today.

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Wi-Fi company Plume announces new mesh router technology



Wi-Fi router startup Plume today announced an upgraded version of its mesh networking devices and a new subscription model for its customers. Plume first began selling its “Plume Pod” routers in late 2016, and today revealed a new tri-band router called the “SuperPod” (via The Verge).

Plume’s SuperPod works like any other mesh system, requiring users to connect the first Pod to their modem with an included ethernet cable. The rest serve as wall plugs that users permanently place in an outlet to enhance the Wi-Fi signal throughout their home. In comparison to the original dual band, four-channel model, SuperPod has a tri-band Wi-Fi radio with eight channels and two ethernet ports.

When connected and running, the SuperPod system learns the user’s home usage patterns “in a matter of days.” This means that the SuperPods will learn when you use Wi-Fi the most (getting news from a smart speaker in the morning or watching 4K films at night) and implement “Adaptive Wi-Fi” to actively optimize the network for more consistent speed and performance.

For users to take advantage of these features, they’ll have to subscribe to Plume. The company previously sold the Plume Pod without a subscription, but today is changing that by requiring customers to subscribe to its Adaptive Wi-Fi service before they can purchase a SuperPod, The Verge notes.

The service costs $60 per year and if users opt out of the subscription in a year’s time “the routers may not fully work,” although Plume CEO Fahri Diner said the company wouldn’t outright “brick” the devices if users decide not to pay down the line.

Diner says Plume wants to provide so many additional services as part of its subscription that customers will happily remain subscribed. “Our intent, our hope, is to make the decision a no-brainer,” Diner said in a phone call. “If the customer doesn’t want to renew, it won’t be because of the price. They will be unhappy for us for one reason or another.”

Plume is offering price discounts for it subscribers, however, selling a three-pack of its routers for $39, down from $179. Three packs come with two dual-band routers (the older models) and one tri-band router (the new model). In terms of adding supplemental Pods onto the system, the company will still sell its Plume Pod for $39 and the individual price for the new SuperPod is $99.

Potential customers can also choose to pay a flat $200 fee for a lifetime membership to the service, while existing Plume owners will be grandfathered in to the new features for free. Other features include parental controls, speed tests, service management, and “Plume HomePass.” This service creates unique Wi-Fi passwords personalized to guests when they visit. The iOS app can also detail Wi-Fi connections, freeze device connections to prevent kids from accessing the internet, data consumption charts, and more.

Wi-Fi mesh systems have become a popular solution for in-home Wi-Fi over the years, with options from companies like Linksys, Orbi, Eero, Google, and others. The technology is looking to expand as well, with the Wi-Fi Alliance in May announcing a new certification program called “EasyMesh,” which aims to allow users to build mesh networks in their homes across different brands.

For Plume, orders on the SuperPod will open June 15 and the device will begin shipping June 21.

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Microsoft officially announces its Xbox adaptive controller



Microsoft’s previously announced Adaptive Controller for the Xbox is now available for pre-order for $100 USD and is expected to ship in September.

After an initial leak of the device, Microsoft has announced an Xbox controller designed for individuals with disabilities. The Adaptive Controler features two large buttons that can be programmed, as well as 19 jacks that allows connectivity with a range of joysticks, buttons, and switches compatible with Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

Its highlighted customization and connectivity aspects allow gamers to built a setup for all their needs, and although the peripheral won’t be for every game, with its system-level button remapping, its usage has endless possibilities to build upon for the gaming accessibility field.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller will cost $99.99 USD and is slated to drop later this year.

In related news, a Black Panther-themed Xbox One X is coming.

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