colette’s Creative Director Sarah Andelman on the Retailer’s 20th Anniversary

In celebration of its 20th birthday, Parisian retailer colette has released a series of special-edition products, while an exhibition and party — which features 300,000 recyclable plastic balls — at Les Arts Decoratifs will help make the milestone memorable. Among the standout new pieces are T-shirts, CDs and co-branded drops, including colette’s take on the Nike Air Woven, featuring the brand’s trademark shade of royal blue interwoven with white.

The retailer’s creative director and purchasing manager, Sarah Andelman, also spoke to WWD prior to the anniversary, exploring colette’s appeal and its plans for the future, as well as recalling the time an in-store appearance by Drake caused chaos in the French capital. “When Drake came, we ended up having to shut the store,” she says. “We really didn’t see it coming. We didn’t realize how famous he was, and all of a sudden, the street next to the store was totally blocked.”

You can find the full interview at WWD.