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The best in-car wireless chargers, mounts, and more for iPhone



Last weekend, we rounded up the best upright wireless charging stands for iPhone 8 and iPhone X users, noting that the upright design helps conserve space and unlock via Face ID. Now, we’re going to take a look at some of the best in-car solutions for iPhone charging and more….

Wireless chargers

Many cars nowadays have built-in USB ports that make charging in-car incredibly easy, but such a solution isn’t necessarily perfect as charging is often slow and cumbersome. Adding a wireless charger to your car, however, can offer both faster charging and easier charging.

Here are some of the top wireless in-car chargers for iPhone 8 and iPhone X users…

My personal pick for an in-car wireless charger, and the one I use everyday, is the iOttie Easy One Qi charger. This charger offers a versatile arm that can be mounted on either your dash or windshield and seemingly adjusted to various angles, and supports any smartphone size.

It connects to a standard DC outlet and features an extra USB port for charging another device. The iOttie Easy One Touch mount and charger is available for $49.95 on Amazon with 4/5 stars from over 500 customers.

The iOttie isn’t the only option, however. Another option comes from Nillkin, which makes a 2-in-1 Qi charging pad and magnetic car mount holder. This charger can be put anywhere in your car as it is applied via standard 3M adhesive. The Nillkin charger is also cheaper than other options at $15.99 on Amazon. Rated 3.5/5 stars.

Here are other popular in-car wireless charging options:

In the case of being in a car that requires USB connectivity for CarPlay, wireless charging is less useful, but for cars with wireless CarPlay, it can make for an incredibly seamless experience.

Traditional mounts

If you don’t want wireless charging, have to plug-in for CarPlay, or simply don’t own an iPhone that supports wireless charging, a traditional car mount can still make your in-car experience better and safer.

There are several different options to choose from here, including some that mount your car vents, others that mount on the dash or windshield.

Personally, I’m not a fan of vent mounts as they block the air conditioning and heat flow, but such mounts are often more affordable than others. Here are a few affordable vent mount options for iPhone:

Another option for mounting your iPhone in the car is with dash and windshield mounts. These are often sturdier, though a bit more pricey. I personally choose dash/windshield mounts because of their added versatility. Here are some top picks:

CarPlay receivers

Of course, one of the best investments you can make for your in-car iPhone experience is with CarPlay. Earlier this year, Zac broke down the best CarPlay receivers, so be sure to checkout his full rundown right here.

CarPlay is available in both affordable and high-end models, as well as in wireless configurations for the ultimate connivence, so there’s definitely and option for everyone.

Wrap up

These are some of the top picks to make your in-car iPhone experience a bit better. What accessories to you use for car charging? Let us know down in the comments!

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Amazon Now Taking Pre-Orders For Microsoft’s Surface Go Tablet



A couple of weeks ago Microsoft launched their latest Surface tablet in the form of the Surface Go. Shortly after the launch Microsoft started taking pre-orders for the device via the official Microsoft Store, but in case you prefer doing your shopping on Amazon for whatever reason, Amazon has also started to accept pre-orders for the tablet as well.

In terms of pricing, there is no difference from the Amazon listing and the Microsoft listing. This means that the model with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage will retail for $399, while the 8GB RAM and 128GB memory option will retail for slightly more expensive at $549. Some might wonder why shop through Amazon when you can buy it from Microsoft directly, but there are some advantages depending on where you live.

For example some reports have pointed out that over in Spain, Amazon Spain is giving a 25% discount on the higher-end model where instead of it being priced at 599 EUR, it is now priced at 449 EUR, so for our readers in Spain, you will be able to take advantage of this discount. However the downside is that the tablet will only begin shipping to you on the 28th of August for those living in Europe, versus the US where it is set for a release on the 2nd of August which is this coming Thursday.

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Mowgli Movie Will Now Release On Netflix In 2019



Mowgli is a live-action Jungle Book adaptation that director Andy Serkis has been working on. Netflix has now purchased the rights to this movie and it will, therefore, be released on the online streaming network. The release date has been moved to 2019 as a result of this development which will now see this movie being released on Netflix first. This movie is different from Disney’s live-action adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling classic which the studio released in 2016.

Rohan Chand stars in the lead role with Christian Bale playing Bagheera, Cate Blanchett playing Kaa, and Benedict Cumberbatch taking on the role of Shere Khan. Andy Serkis himself will be playing Baloo.

This movie was actually supported to be released in 2016 as well but it has been delayed multiple times since then. The first trailer was released recently which mentioned October 19th, 2018 as the theatrical release date.

That was before Netflix had decided to acquire the rights to Mowgli. EW reports that with this acquisition, the release has been delayed yet again. Netflix is going to premiere Mowgli on its platform at some point next year.

Serkis has said that the decision to move the film to Netflix will help avoid a direct comparison with the Disney movie. The platform will also enable the director to have more creative freedom and explore darker themes, going so far as to explore the violence between animals.

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New iPad Pro Lineup Might Ditch The Headphone Jack



Ever since Apple ditched the standard 3.5mm headphone jack on recent iPhone models there has been speculation that the company will do this for its other mobile devices as well. A new report has surfaced which claims that the upcoming iPad Pro lineup is not only going to be slightly smaller than its predecessor but will also ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The iPad Pro lineup due next year will reportedly see its dimensions being reduced a little for both the 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch models. The report also reiterates earlier rumors that the new iPad lineup is going to feature FaceID. A recent iOS 12 beta also revealed that there’s a big possibility that this biometric access control system might arrive with the next generation of Apple’s tablet.

The new iPad Pro models might be designed for vertical use as FaceID will reportedly not work when the tablet is in landscape mode. It may also adjust the positions of the Lightning connector and the smart connector for the keyboard for this purpose.

It is as yet unclear when Apple is going to unveil these new tablets. There have been a lot of reports and rumors about them in recent months and they will likely continue in the days to come.

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