Apple announces Apple TV 4K with ‘cinematic quality’ video, HDR

Apple has just unveiled the new generation Apple TV, Apple TV 4K. The new set-top box features 4K output with HDR, Dolby Vision and HDR10, to play the latest movies and TV shows at 3840×2160 resolution.

Apple used a special projector in the theater to demo the ‘cinematic quality’ output. The company demoed the new Spiderman movie in 4K HDR.

Apple has new Aerial screensavers fully remastered in 4K HDR for users to enjoy.

The new box is powered by the A10X Fusion Apple chip, the same chip that is in the new iPad Pro. CPU performance improves 2x over the previous generation box.

tvOS will add live sports from next month in the TV app, also available in the iPhone and iPad app. Access ESPN, MLB and NBA from within the TV app; the app will present new shows automatically.

Apple says the new A10X chip enables even more beautiful and expansive gameplay. Many games can even render at 4K.